10 Unwritten Rules for the Gym (that people often break)

10 Unwritten Rules for the Gym (that people often break)

Remember back when you were a fitness virgin? Stepping into the gym for the very first time, smelling the sweat, hearing the sound of the weightlifters grunting away in front of the mirror (yea, thats what I do now), the treadmills whirring, tv blaring in the background, seeing these people who all looked like they knew exactly what they were doing? Well you know, some of them don’t!

The trouble is there are certain unwritten rules when it comes to the gym, proper gym etiquette, and I’ll go through 10 of the most basic gym rules for you. Sure you’ll be shown how to use the equipment, you can get advice on some awesome routines (we like Jeff Cavaliere and of course Bradley Martyn, but more on that in another blog post) but how about when you walk into a busy gym and you’re all set with your routine and you inadvertently end up pissing people off? OR people are pissing you off, and you just can’t get in the zone. I’m sure I’m guilty of my own fair share of gym faux pas along the way, but there are certain things that have made this Panda angry from day one. Behaviour that’s just inexcusable. Either you’ll know what I’m talking about OR you’re one of the culprits that needs to stop the madness and allow everyone to work out in happy sweaty harmony!!

Hogging in the Squat Rack.

These people will get there and do 12 sets, and if there are only one or two squat racks then what?! Loading up the weights, then doing stretches, taking super long breaks in between when they know there are people waiting, I mean come on.

Doing Barbell Curls in the Squat Rack.

Sticking with the squat rack, the clue is in the name- the squat rack is for squats. When people use it to do other exercises while they’re there, that is a no as far as I’m concerned.

Leaving Their Towel on the Bench.

You must have encountered this at some point, people who think its ok to just leave their sweaty towel on the bench and walk away… they probably also do this on holiday, to hog a sun lounger- it’s not ok there, and it’s not ok in the gym either buddy.

People Who Don’t Put the Weights Back.

I do have a bit of an OCD when it comes to putting things away, but when you’re in a public gym, weights need to be put back, other people may need the equipment. Is that not just common sense?

Ego Lifters.

To be honest I find this as amusing as it is frustrating. You know the guy (it’s usually a guy), he will load up the weights thinking he’s a big man but then only be able to move all of about 1 inch with the weight. Dude, be sensible, do a proper workout instead of attempting an ego trip.

Dumbbell Hoggers.

This one is quite common, which makes it even more frustrating. You’ll see someone pick up a couple of dumbbells and then just stand there in front of the whole rack doing curls. I mean come on, give people space!

When People Don’t Spot Properly.

Don’t be the person that says they will spot someone and then gets distracted and doesn’t help at all, or equally as annoying, the one that spots too much and ends up actually doing the lifts. There’s a balance, its not too complex to work out.

Mobile Phones.

Gym selfies, texting, it’s all annoying to me. Are they there to work out to just to tell people they’re working out?!

Now Pandas, if you've seen my stories on Instagram you'll know that I will often do stories from the gym, going through my workout routine for the day... I draw the line at selfies though- unnecessary!! 

People Who Throw Their Weight Down.

You know when you’re at the gym, and you’re in the zone, totally focussed on your workout and all of a sudden you hear this loud bang and that it, the zone has gone and left you. Ok dude, we really happy that you’re done, is there a need for that much noise though?!

People That Don’t Wipe the Benches.

People sweat when they’re working out, of course they do, but when they’ve left a pool of sweat behind on equipment you want to use?? Well, that’s just disgusting.

These are by no mean all of the examples of bad gym etiquette, and I’m sure you have your own pet peeves. But no ones perfect (well I mean… not that many people are anyway), there’s just a few simple rules everyone should follow at the gym. Show some consideration. You’re not the only one using the equipment, leave it how you found it and all will be well. Don’t hog or save equipment you’re not using, thats just poor manners. And overall, just be aware that you’re not the only one at the gym. Am I right Pandas?! Comment below on some of your pet peeves.

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